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Several outstanding tips for your library looks

Libraries is something we think about as dark wood room with ancient tomes and sturdy tables and chairs. We are going to break these stereotypes, coloring our book rooms in bright red, light green and even dark blue hues to prove that old-fashion ways are truly absolute. If you want something fresh and stylish instead of old library looks, take a look at these options.

Bright red and orange. Designer paid attention to client’s demand to add their portrets to the room. Other than that, bold passionate red color makes up for coziness and warmth of the room, both in natural sun light and in half-lit glow of electric lamps or candles.

Bright blue. This is a perfect example of how lacquer affects a paint hue. Every designer might tell you that lacquered paint will look different from originally painted surface. For instance, this lead gray paint becomes blackish gray when applied and the lacquer alters the coloring so it becomes even more grayish. Hence it is more of a “bright blue” than blackish in this elegant room. Designer used corresponding paint hue for the trim in a semigloss coating and for the walls in an eggshell finish. This allows for little, nearly unnoticeable disparity between the surfaces in hue and in finish.

Sable Blue. Designer wanted the color to bring more focused and energized mood in her library, plus it needed to work perfect with decorative tiling. Newburg Green was chosen, and she added covering finish on the walls and millwork. (You might notice that paint’s name is a bit tricky, it looks more blue than green even without lacquering).

Bright green. Even in cold winter and in damp autumn, this elegant shade of green gives a subtle glee tune in this old house. On the ledges one may notice that among books there are numerous notes and various collection pieces from the homeowner.

Dark green. Look how well this hue goes with this gorgeous rug and weave pattern chairs in this library, adding up to the feeling of coziness and calmness, pointing out its elegancy. It also highlights items that are located on the shelves.

Surprisingly plum. This place in particular was built around the pet snake named Princess, she lives in a terrarium the you may observe on the right part of the picture. Designer also used homeowners favorite colour to paint cabinetry and furniture, as well as facades and mills.

Standout jade. A definite shade named Artichoke Hearts brings more life to the library located in the living place of interior designer. This mixture spazes up traditional architectural solutions of Victorian era. Fire place and overall coziness simply invite you to curl up and find something interesting to read.

Dark sea blue. Designers always say to take into account lighting sources, when using dark shades of paint for decoration. With enough natural light and added lighting sources, such as scones or chandeliers, dark blue shade will work perfect to enhance studying atmosphere and focusing state of the library.


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